Using 1031 for our mutual benefit

Getting Upstream of New Business Opportunities

Real Estate

Programs for commercial and residential professionals.

Title and Escrow

Strategic alliances using 1031 to source new closings.


Seamless 1031 processing with improved Exchanger tracking.

Closing Attorneys

Integrating your own branded 1031 processing capability.

Sites, Robo Platforms

Plug in an additional profit silo and unique lead generator.

Legal and Tax

State of the Art processing for legal & tax professionals.

Getting Ahead of the Deal

Strategic Alliances for Profit & Lead Gen

Leverage our Expertise & Tech

Private Label 1031 Processing Solutions

Establishing Differentiators

Creating Value Added Partnerships

The Fyntex Approach

Modernizing 1031

Our goal at Fyntex is to modernize the entire 1031 exchange process by bringing together the absolute best in professional relationships, technology, analytical tools, and expertise to create a seamless and secure solution on which every Exchanger can fully depend.

To that end we've built a State of the Art facilitation platform and support network which will streamline the process and dramatically improve the transactional visibility for our Exchangers and their advisors.


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