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Why Digital Media Resources Matter to Your Business

Targeted by Design

The content developed by Fyntex is specifically architected to connect with the investment property owner. These are memes, extended memes and videos which will not only plant seeds of interest with prospcts, but compell them to contact you directly.

Easy to Digest

Marketing oriented content needs to brief enough to be read and understood quickly, but also tight enough in a message sense that the subject of the content is obvious and actionable. Our memes and videos are designed to seize the interest of a viewer and influence their behavior.

Compelling Messaging

Copywriting for website or social media content is a specialty. The messaging needs to be necessarily pithy, while the imaging needs to be both informative and memorable. Striking this delicate balance is critical for a successful campaign.

Creates Differentiation

The professionals who will win the future will be those individuals who amass the skills and abilities to recognize the opportunities that arise with new clients and the content necessary to to convert prosoects into clients seamlessly and effortlessly.

Creating New Business, Going Upstream

Fyntex Media Center

The real estate and investment professionals of 2020 use targeted inbound and outbound messaging for sourcing new prospects as well as engaging and interacting with clients.

We've developed both inbound messaging in the form of website plugins and various targeted social media messaging for Partners. You can preview at the linked pages or go directly to our Fyntex Media Center.

Inbound Marketing for Site Visitors

Personal and Corporate Website Plugins

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Outbound Social Media Campaigns

Compelling Social Media Memes and Extended Memes

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Compelling Outbound Video Clips for Social Media

Targeted and Topical Social Media Video Content

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The Fyntex Digital Marketing Store

Reaching New Clients with the Fyntex Digital Subscription Program

Sales and marketing within the real estate or investment space has changed dramatically over time. It used to be that you utilized a flyer or an Open House so your listed property essentially sold itself. But modern real estate messaging is much different. It takes advantage of unusual types of access to prospects and converts them intellectually and visually with an organized and pithy message which captures their attention. Of the two most effective modern messaging tools are the inbound education of prospects via your website as well as the outbound targeted messaging as used in social media.

Fyntex has curated a series of website plugins for your personal web presence as well as specific social media touches and video which can be deployede strategically through your favorite social media platform.

The Fyntex Digital content is available on an annual subscription basis for just $249.

Basic Subscription Plan


/ Year*
  • 1 Educational Website Plugin
  • Free hosting of Educational Plugin
  • Access to Library of Memes
  • Access to Library of Extended Memes
  • Access to Library of Social Media Videos
  • Easy to Use MP4 and PNG files
  • Easy sharing on your social media platforms
  • New content added monthly
  • * Annual Subscription Required
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