Creating a New Standard for Safety

Why a Qualified Escrow Account Matters!

The Safest Alternative

There is no safer method for having your 1031 funds on deposit.

100% Visibility

You have 24/7 visibility ad access to all funds and 1031 documents.

Exchanger Approval Only

Funds move upon approval from Exchanger and a bank officer.

Included With Your Fee

The extra cost of a QEA trust account is included with your fee.

A New Safety Standard

The Benefits of a Bank Trust Account

Many Exchangers don't realize that the 1031 exchange business is largely unregulated. Also, when your 1031 funds are on deposit with your Qualified Intermediary technically those funds belong to them. This is why you should insist upon a Qualified Escrow Account. Your funds can never be moved without your explicit authorization as well as that of a bank officer.

This represents an entirely new level of security for your exchange proceeds beyound bonding or insurance.

QEA Accounts are also covered to $150 million with FDIC insurance.