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Looking for 1031 Replacement Properties with 5-7% Cash Flow?

Defer taxes with a 1031 exchange

Close in as little as 2-3 days

Immediate availability in all locations

Minimum investment of $100,000

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Work directly with the nation's leading real estate brands

Buy An Interest in a Managed, investiment Grade Property from $100,000

Presented and managed by the largest DST Sponsors in the country

Cash Flow

Reliable and dependable income from credit tenants.


No more management headaches. Everything is handled for you.

We Replace
Your Debt

Need to replace debt for your exchange? We'll assign it to you.

Easy to Identify
and Close

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1031 Properties available as a DST

Ideal 1031 exchange replacement properties are available in virtually any investment real estate category. Just select your property, your level of investment and the replacement debt provided for you, and close within days.

  • Net Leased Properties
  • Triple Net Portfolios
  • Office, Mixed Use
  • Assisted Living
  • Oil and Gas
  • Student Housing
  • Multi Family
  • Self Storage

Sample DST Properties (Closed)

  • Mixed Use DST

    $63 M | Projected cash flow: 5.77%

  • image

    Multi Family DSTT

    $49 M | Projected cash flow: 5.99%

  • image

    Multi Family DST

    $41 M | Projected cash flow: 5.45%

  • image

    Office Building DST

    $16.5 M | Projected cash flow: 5.35%

  • image

    Multi Family DST

    $49 M | Projected cash flow: 5.99%

  • image

    Multi Family DST

    $41 M | Projected cash flow: 5.45%


Benefits for You

The IRS approved Delaware Statutory Trust structure (similar to a REIT) affords the average real estate investor a superior, tax deferred approach to building an enviable wealth legacy..

Professionally Managed for Stress Free Mailbox Money

Larger, Investent Grade or Institutional Properties

Multiple Tax Benefits Flow Directly to You

Your Debt is Handled for You By the DST Sponsor

Easy Diversification of Risk Across Several DSTs

Appreciation Based upon Market and Property Genre

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average investment term for a DST?

Most Delaware Statutory Trusts are financed for a ten year period. In addition, the rules underlying the Delaware Statutory Trust structure preclude any refinancing or modification of any loan terms. This is why most Delaware Statutory Trust managers proceed with a management and divestment strategy which includes a sale for the benefit of the owners of DST interests within year 7 -8. It is possible for some Delaware Statutory Trusts to be sold in a shorter timeframe should an excellent offer arise due to equity growth of the properties in the portfolio. In this event, owners of DST interests can 1031 exchange out of the Delaware Statutory Trust into another DST or into any other like kind property.

May I diversify my investment across several DSTs?

You can easily spread your investment across several DSTs for diverstification. Since investments in Delaware Statutory Trusts are considered securities, they must be acquired through a licensed Broker-Dealer or Registered Investment Advisor. These are representatives or firms which are appropriated licensed to disclose the underlying specifications of the properties as well as the expected financial performance. The minimum net worth threshold for acquiring an interest in a Delaware Statutory Trust is an annual income of at least $200,000 or a net worth over $1 million, exclusive of primary residence.

How is my 1031 related debt handled with a DST?

In the event you want a totally tax deferred 1031 exchange transaction which includes a purchase of a Delaware Statutory Trust interest, you may need to have debt from the DST assigned to you for the benefit of your 1031 exchange. Your Broker-Dealer should be willing to assist you as you determine the amount of debt necessary for your particular exchange scenario, and thereby arrange with the DST sponsor to assign such debt to you.

How do I ensure that the DST purchased as part of my exchange is totally tax free?

If you want a completely tax deferred transaction you must do these three things. First, buy Replacement Property which is equal or greater than the net selling price of what you sold. Two, move all your equity from the old property into the new property. And three, replace your debt.

Are there specific rules for identifying a DST purchase for my 1031 exchange?

The IRS requires the use of two rules or one exception for identifying potential Replacement Properties. The first is the three property rule, meaning you may identify up to three properties of any value. The second rule is the two hundred percent rule, meaning you may identify more than three properties provided all the properties you identify do not exceed two hundred percent of the value of the property you sold. And the one exception is known as the ninety-five percent exception. Essentially, you may identify more than three properties and more than two hundred percent of total identified property value, provided you acquire at least ninety-five percent of everything you identified. If you are identifying an interest in a Delaware Statutory Trust, remember to list all the property addresses and use the 200 percent identification rule.

Can I buy my DST interest in a different name as what I sold my old property?

It is always better if you buy and vest your Replacement Property in the same name and entity as which you sold your Relinquished Property. To do otherwise by changing entities in the middle of your exchange could cause your exchange to fail for lack of meeting the held for investment or held for income requirement of IRC Section 1031.

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