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Categorized by Discipline

We've segregated the coursework and modules based upon the real estate related discipline in which you are engaged. All courses include a module that covers the basics of 1031 exchange as well as modules which are specifically oriented to the clients and partners within each of the real estate disciplines.

Expands Your Expertise

While knowledge regarding 1031 exchanges may seem like a niche to some, nothing impresses an investment property owner more than interacting with a real estate professional who can recognize and articulate the benefits of tax deferral and how a particlar sale and purchase strategy might help them.

Convenient and Easy

The Fyntex Training Center was designed to get your 1031 exchange knowledge up to speed quickly and efficiently. All the courses can be reviewed in just a few minutes and the content is targeted specifically for preparing you to recognize where a 1031 exchange will benefit you and your clients.

Creates Differentiation

The professionals who will win the future will be those individuals who amass the skills and abilities to recognize the opportunities that arise with new clients and the solutions necessary for those investor clients to achieve the financial benefits and invdestment performance they are seeking.

Getting Upstream of New Business Volume

Training Center for Partners

Fyntex has leveraged our 1031 knowledge base to create a world class online training portal for equipping and training strategic partners, with a specific focus on training partners in how to use 1031 exchanging as a vehicle for growing their business. Upon receiving login credentials, Partners can move through coursework which is specifically geared toward empowering those within the title and escrow, real estate brokerage, mortgage lending and Broker-Dealer communities.

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Escrow and Title Training

Get Upstream of New Business

Real Estate Broker Training

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Title Insurance Rep Training

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Lenders Sales Rep Training

Advanced 1031 Concepts

Sales Representative Training

Opportunity in The New Normal

Post COVID-19 Selling for Brokers


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