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Allie Nagvanshi
Vice President Operations


Allie is an experienced entrepreneur, business/marketing professional and trained leadership/executive coach. She is a highly accomplished Executive, Leader, and Operations Director with a remarkable career spanning over 25 years in the real estate industry & 18 years in the coaching/leadership industry.

She has made the BOLD move after 10 years from a Fortune 500 company to join Velocity 1031 and Fyntex, a company that aligns with her unwavering ethics and values. With a commitment to transparency for both clients and staff, She is dedicated to providing the safest and best technology in the industry.

She is committed to providing clients and staff with cutting-edge technology, transparency, and a healthy work environment. Her values of honesty, ethics, and fostering a positive work environment drive her dedication to excellence.

Joining Velocity 1031, a division of Fyntex, Inc., she brings with her a wealth of experience in serving a diverse clientele, including 1031 exchangers, real estate brokers, real estate attorneys, CPAs, private equity advisors, investors, DST brokers, as well as escrow and title companies. Her extensive background in catering to the needs of varied stakeholders positions her to continue delivering exceptional service and value to her clients and partners.

Prior to her role at IPX1031 (Fidelity), she embarked on a successful journey as an executive coach and served as a partner in a 1031 exchange company, escrow company, and title company. Her diverse experiences have equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of the real estate industry, ranging from transactional intricacies to leadership and business management.

Throughout her career, her greatest accomplishments have been driven by her ability to collaborate with incredible teams and make a tangible difference. Her exceptional leadership skills and strategic mindset have enabled her to guide teams towards achieving their goals and surpassing expectations. She attributes her success in business to her amazing mentors, teachers, and coaches along with her education in Marketing, Human Resource management, and Executive coaching.

Her unwavering commitment to excellence, extensive industry experience, and passion for making a positive impact have established her as a trusted and respected Manager, Leader, Executive Coach, and Operations Director. Her ability to lead teams, navigate complex transactions, and foster a culture of collaboration make her an invaluable asset to her company and clients.

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