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David Blair
National Sales Director


I'm a tax deferred exchange veteran who spent most of my time in the industry with a Qualified Intermediary based in Southern California. This is where I learned about the various types of exchanges and began a long career where I assisted Exchangers with their exchange planning, the replacement property identification process and generally ensuring that their exchange was smooth and error free.

Since the benefits of exchanging are known to real estate investors, but not necessarily fully understood in their granular detail, being able to interact with an exchange professional throughout the process is absolutely critical. Often I can keep Exchangers from making a transactionally oriented mistake just because I've done tens of thousands of exchanges. I'm also the backstop that many Exchangers utilize when they need to confirm their 1031 exchange math to ensure a totally tax free deal.

In my experience, the technologies and processing efficiencies we've developed at Fyntex are incredibly beneficial for several reasons. A key one is because it allows those of us who interact with Exchangers daily, much more quality time with clients so we can do what is necessary to make sure their exchange experience is optimized.

The behind the scenes benefits of encrypted processing and real funds security are also a tremendous advantage for our clients. The security mechanisms may not be seen, but for those of us who havve been around exchanging awhile, we know how pivotal the operational and execution oriented side of 1031 can be.

If you have an exchange related question, or would like to quiz my exchange math skills, I'd be pleased to speak with you!

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