The Online ID Process

Start the process to accessing the ID Wizard below.

Completing a compliant 1031 identification online

The Online Identification Process


We've built an online identification tool which will allow you to walk through the identification process, identident your trageted replacement proeprties, and to submit your identification to the party of your choufe with an electronic signature.

Once you submit your name and emaill address you will receive a return email whih includes a private link to a secure webpage and a secure passcode, which will represent your digital signature.

Ensure that you enter the fields for Exchanger's Name, Relinquished Property Address, and Property Value..

From there select the identification rule you wish to utilize and start adding the addresesses you wish to identify.

Once complete, you will be asked to enter to whom you want the Identification PDF sent. Enter an email adrees in this field and that party will receive you fully completed identification in PDF form.

Send us your name and email and we'll send you a secure link and private password

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