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Tom Bottenberg
Executive Vice President


I got started in the 1031 exchange space in 1990 with a tax law firm in Oakland, California. That's where I learned about the exchanging process from a former IRS attorney.

In 2005, together with Stan Freeman and Mike Halloran, I co-Founded Nationwide Exchange Services, or NES. We developed a proprietary processing platform to create some document generation efficiency, added a polished web presence courtesy of a world class PR firm, and integrated a brand new marketing approach known as Google Adwords, to become the industry leader in 1031 exchanging.

I left NES and began a new effort consulting for banks who were interested in utilizing Section 1031 to provide a new banking service while identifying new high net worth clients and driving deposits through the creation of an inside of the bank Qualified Intermediary.

After a couple of bank oriented efforts and some considerable due diligence, I got together with Dean Senner and we decided to create Fyntex. Our orignal goal was to start with a clean sheet of paper and build both the processing platform and the Exchanger experience that the exchange industry desperately needed.

The result is and end to end facilitation capability that provides unprecedented data security, Exchanger visibility, processing efficiencies, and a funds security regimen that is the safest in the industry. It took a while to build, but since then we've added some incredibly gifted personnel and based upon client feedback, we're definitely changing the Exchanger experience.

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