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Industry Leading Technology and Processes

Why Clients and Partners Choose Fyntex

1031 Expertise
Our processing team is comprised of 1031 exchange veterans who have successfully completed more than 50,000 exchanges for our clients.
Expert Service
The timing of your exchange and the supporting logistics are critical. That is why we've built support systems to execute accurately and expeditously.
Modern Technology
Fyntex leads the exchange industry with processing technologies and Exchanger support capabilities which drive data security and visibility.
A New Experience
Our merging of 1031 expertise, modern technology, Exchanger visibility, and absolute funds security has created an entirely new Exchanger experience.
24/7 Visibility
The Fyntex Exchanger Portal allows you to interact with your documents, your 1031 funds, and your Exchange Coordinator with bank level security.
True Funds Security
Fyntex only utilizes restricted 1031 exchange accounts which require the explicit written approval of every Exchanger before moving any funds.

Planning Your Exchange

1031 Analytical Tools

45/180 Day Calculator
These are two key dates which will affect your exchange. Use this tool so you will never forget them.
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Capital Gain Estimator
It always helps to know what your overall capital gain is as well as your tax exposure. Try this tool to find out.
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Easy 1031 Math
Having a totally tax free exchange is easy. Use this wizard to determine your replacement property benchmarks.
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ROI Calculator
This calculator will assist you with evaluating performance comparisons between replacement properties.
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Property Vesting Wizard
The tilte vesting of your replacement property can be critical. Use this wiard to ensure your vesting is okay.
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Online Identification
This online wizard allows you to complete your identification entirely online with an e-signature.
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Educate Yourself

1031 Exchange Tutorials

1031 Exchange Guide

Comprehensive guide which walks you through tax deferred exchanging from A to Z.

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Common Questions and Answers

Have a quick question? Check out this brief FAQ and you'll likely find your answer.

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Keys to Exchanging

Here's an interactive guide of the key items which experienced Exchanger's always follow.

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An Exchanger's View of 1031

Here's a compilation of practical guidance from an experienced Exchanger's viewpoint.

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Help Videos for Exchangers

1031 Exchange Multimedia

Like Kind Properties

Fyntex 1031 Multimedia

Equity and Gain

Fyntex 1031 Multimedia

Deferred Exchanges

Fyntex 1031 Multimedia

Reverse Exchanges

Fyntex 1031 Multimedia

Improvement 1031's

Fyntex 1031 Multimedia


Fyntex 1031 Multimedia

Avoid These Pitfalls

Fyntex 1031 Multimedia

Intro to Fyntex 1031

Fyntex 1031 Multimedia

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While the logistics of 1031 exchanges have been streamlined dramatically over the years since tax deferred exchanging was incorporated into the Internal Revenue Code in 1921, it is still critical for every Exchanger to have timely access to expert advice when they need it.

Also, since most Exchangers only complete a few 1031 exchanges during the life of their investment property ownership it is difficult for them to remember every rule or nuance which might impact the compliance of their transaction.

That is why we always have a senior FYNTEX 1031 expert available to answer your questions. Allow them to assist you through a brief Zoom video conference or by telephone at 877-980-1031. Typically it only takes a few minutes for a 1031 pro to walk with you through your transaction and ensure that the proposed strategy is possible and the execution is flawless.

The Exchange Desk Team

Thanks so much for making my recent exchnage so painless! Your expert team was always ready to assist and their execution was flawless!

California Investor

I exchanged from Southern California and acquired two separate properties in New York. Your team was incredibly attentive and made all the logistics come together perfectly. Thanks again.

New Jersey Investor

It was just a few short years ago when I did my first exchange with Fyntex. Now I'm a grizzled exchanging veteran and would never think of using anyone different! Thanks guys!!!!

Louisiana Investor