Reverse exchanges are more expensive than deferred or delayed exchanges specifically because they require extraordinary logistics to complete because the Qualified Intermediary must create a new Limited Liability Company (known by the IRS as an Exchange Accommodation Titleholder)to hold title to eitherf the new or the old property. The EAT must hold title for the Exchanger to avoid exchanging into property they already own.

The cost of creating the LLC in the state in which the parked or warehoused property is located adds to the cost of the transaction as well as the additional work i setting up the reverse exchange and winding it down.

Most often the costs start around $7000-8000 and go up from there based upon the property value and the complexity of the transaction.

The below infographic show the typical reverse exchange logistics.

How your reverse exchange is structured is critical to it's success. Don't engage a QI who structures your reverse without the proper utilization of a separate LLC just to save a few dollars in exchange fee.