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Creating technology to modernize the 1031 exchange process

Being located in the heart of Silicon Valley truly inspires us to think about innovation each and every day. With almost 300,000 tax deferred exchanges being transacted annually, we saw an opportunity to create a modern and efficient end to end 1031 processing solution for our clients and industry partners. To achieve that goal, we set out to integrate an array of world class tools and technologies to deliver the ultimate customer solution. And we couldn't have ever achieved that goal without the constant stream of technology and processing innovation along the way.

We've not only built and deployed a 1031 Education and Processing platform to empower our partners and potential Exchangers, but we've also developed an integrated 1031 processing solution that can be seamlessly integrated as a plugin into some of the industry's leading commercial real estate and influencer platforms across the web.

1031 Exchange Processing

State of the Art Seamless Integration

As a firm, we were created to improve the processing of 1031 exchanges for investment property owners nationwide. Being founded by 1031, legal, and tech veterans allowed us to take entirely new approach to the 1031 exchange experience.

The result is a state of the art approach which incorporates levels of client visibility and convenience, funds and data security, and processing expertise which had never been seen before in this unreguated space.

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FYNTEX is a technology firm as well as one of the nation's leading tax deferred exchange service providers. We process and facilitate 1031 exchanges via strategic alliances with banks, title and escrow companies, as well as professional real estate partners and settlement platforms nationwide.

1031 Exchange Platforms

Education and Processing Plugins

There are approximately 300,000 tax deferred exchanges completed annually in the United States. To accommodate the education and diligence of every potential Exchanger as well as securely processing such a transactional volume requires a well developed and integrated environment.

We've not only built and deployed the types of educational tools which empower potential Exchagers, we've integrated seamless 1031 processing into some of the leading enterprise settlement platforms and search engines across the web.

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Marketing Programs for Partners

Client Engagement Tools and Approaches

In the next thirty years, $30 Trillion in assets, much of it in real estate will be passed from one generation to another. Obviously, how those assets are managed and curated will be influenced by those advisors, accountants, attorneys, brokers, bankers and other professionals who are dedicated to the preservation of value.

How those clients will be engaged in the future will be up to those of us who are prepared to meet them where they are and offer them an empowered investment solution. Understanding how to reach them will be a key part of our adventure.

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